We bake wheat, corn, soy and preservative free dog treats in Northern Virginia.
And dogs LOVE them!
Cheese Biscuit

cheeseOur cheese biscuits are made from high quality local cheddar cheese produced in Harrisonburg, Virginia. We order the cheese from Holy Cow Delivery, where we also get all of our eggs and our honey for our peanut butter biscuits. They also supply us (humans) with milk and Chester takes his probiotics and fish oil in their plain yogurt every day.

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Peanut Butter Biscuit

peanut butterAny dog owner knows that dogs love peanut butter. That’s why why when we first started baking biscuits for Chester, we started with treats featuring all natural unsalted peanut butter. We now use peanut butter from the Williamsburg Peanut Company.


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Pumpkin Biscuit

pumpkinAlthough it might seem an unusual choice for dog biscuits, pumpkin is actually very good for dogs, especially when they’re having tummy troubles. The addition of molasses and a pinch of cinnamon will have your dog begging more more at first whiff. We were sure that Chester’s favorite biscuit would be the peanut butter one, but it’s actually these pumpkin biscuits that are his favorite. This is also the best choice for dogs who are watching their weight.

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